Create QR codes from different kinds of data, and download your code both in a rasterized (PNG) and vector format (PDF, SVG, EPS).
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What do you want to turn into a QR code?

Regular text will not be interpreted by most QR readers, so it will just be displayed as it is.
Make sure your url starts with "http://"
Just enter your email address:
Add your phone number behind the "tel:". You might want to start your number with the country code (f.i. +32...).
A "meCard" is similar to a "vCard" in the sense that it is used to hold contact information. A meCard representation is more compact than a vCard, which makes the format more popular for 2D code encoding. However, the specification for vCards allow for more detailed contact information.

Consider creating a "meCard" if you don't require the "title" and "organisation" fields a vCard provides. A "meCard" is more compact.

So far this only works on Android devices. It allows you to configure the local WIFI settings by scanning a QR code.

Front color:

Back color:

Damage proof:

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Generate Visual QR Codes
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